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How 2CrazyNFT Is Reshaping the Gaming and E-Sports Experience for Users?

NewsBTC 14 Jun 2021
This is not just with respect to the financial industry but also the art, gaming and entertainment industry. The applicability of blockchain technology in various dimensions of life has driven greater value to the users ... So as you see how blockchain technology works, we can employ this innovative platform to change the future of gaming ... .

SEAT employed tiny but mighty autonomous robots in its smart factory

Technology Org 14 Jun 2021
As you imagine, car factories are filled with robots. Huge arms are moving car bodies around, welding, assembling and painting. But there are some jobs that robots are only picking up now ... It avoids obstacles and can follow people. Image credit. SEAT ... SEAT ... Industry 4.0 also includes solutions employing artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain.

A trap hidden in a simple comparison of carbon footprint

OBN 12 Jun 2021
A hot topic these days is the carbon footprint of the blockchain ecosystem. Systems that employ Proof of Work (PoW) have been very successful in increasing the security of transactions and preventing fraud and collusion, but at the same time consume large amounts of energy ... EY (Ernst & Young) Global Blockchain Leader.

UK Crime Agency Director: Selling Apartments for Bitcoin Could Attract Criminals

Decrypt 12 Jun 2021
Of course, pricing expensive assets in Bitcoin is likely to attract the crypto rich—not just money launders ... Bitcoin transactions are not strictly anonymous, but pseudonymous; you can track the flow of money between wallets on public ledgers, but must employ professional blockchain investigators to have a chance at identifying wallet owners ... ....

Uzbekistan Making Partnerships to Boost Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Community

Coin Idol 10 Jun 2021
Now the country is open to the evolution of the finance and banking system and is now employing blockchain technology to change from using traditional money to using virtual money like crypto assets ... The two players will also offer blockchain consulting services including staking ...

Dash Makes an Investment in Brazilian Startup Venture 88i

CryptoNewsZ 09 Jun 2021
The startup venture provides unique insurance services by employing Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology that ensures the best customer experience ... The team at 88i intends to employ the invested amount to implement the advanced Blockchain technology of Dash for the ...

Amazon Job Listing Seeks Blockchain Lead – Internet Giant Looks to Create ‘Business Use Cases ...

Bitcoin 08 Jun 2021
Amazon is looking for a blockchain expert, according to a job posting published on the company’s employment portal ... The blockchain expert job listing posted on Amazon’s employment portal follows the job listing added back in February when the e-commerce giant was looking to build a pilot project in Mexico.

The Future of Work is Decentralized and Decent

Bitcoinist 08 Jun 2021
For decades, holding a “full-time job” with one employer has been the norm in developed economies ... Additionally, 4.33 million people in the United Kingdom were self-employed in the first months of 2021 ... Blockchain now stands poised to take self-employed workers to the next level, with Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) leading the way.

Greenidge Driving Significant Economic Growth in Upstate New York, New Study Finds

Daily Freeman 08 Jun 2021
Appleseed conclusions included the following.- Advertisement - ... About Greenidge Generation LLC ... Boasting an environmentally-sound operation that has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, Greenidge employs dozens of skilled associates, creating attractive new blockchain jobs and serving as an anchor for the Upstate New York economy.

Importance of Merged Mining Scheme to Jax.Network Scalability

Cryptopolitan 07 Jun 2021
Recently, the Ethereum blockchain experienced a significant scalability issue during the worldwide craze about NFTs ... It is an algorithm that employs the techniques of merged mining on Bitcoin to Jax.Network blockchain ... There are unique approaches that govern the Jax.Network blockchain, of which sharding and merge mining are among the tools available.

Injective Announces NEAR Protocol Integration for Expanding Its Multi-Chain Trading Ecosystem

Coinspeaker 03 Jun 2021
This integration will allow users to seamlessly trade assets from other discrete blockchain networks while ensuring that its users get to enjoy the native Ethereum experience ... The NEAR blockchain network employs a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus model that uses sharding.

The Solana Foundation and ROK Capital Launch a $20 Million Fund

CryptoPotato 03 Jun 2021
Founded in 2017, Solana is a web-scale blockchain providing “fast, secure, scalable, and decentralized applications and marketplaces.” By employing the intra-shard parallelism, Solana’s network enables various projects to process a large number of smart contracts at once.

PoS vs. PoW: What does Jax.Network Use?

Cryptopolitan 02 Jun 2021
Blockchain networks typically use a particular type of consensus algorithm to validate transactions within the network ... Different blockchains employ different consensus protocols such as the Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of Work (PoW). Proof of Work is the first consensus algorithm that is used by both Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

MINA Token Trading on OKEx, Kraken, Coinlist at Around $3

Coinspeaker 01 Jun 2021
Mina blockchain’s native token MINA is making its way to exchanges for trading ... Lightweight blockchain Mina is making some big moves recently with its native cryptocurrency MINA going live for trading at some of the biggest crypto exchanges ... Thus, the blockchain network offers the same accessibility even when it scales.

Mark Cuban predicts DAOs will transform companies. Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway embraced the core ideas ...

Business Insider 01 Jun 2021
• DAOs run on blockchains, democratize decisions, and use smart contracts ... They're "decentralized" because they're hosted on a blockchain and all of their stakeholders, not just executives and board members, make decisions. They're "autonomous" because they employ smart contracts ...